Tiger JK teases fans with a possible MFBTY visit to Singapore

On January 25th, Tiger JK revealed in a tweet that MFBTY might have a possible fan meeting in Singapore. 

MFBTY’s rapper hinted to fan that the trio may come to Singapore as he tweeted, “Singapore #MFBTY perhaps we might meet soon, what venue y’all recommend?” Tiger JK also revealed his excitement to meeting his fans as he later tweeted, “Y’all better show up lah.

The trio previously surpassed their two year anniversary on January 21st, and celebrated as the members tweeted sincere messages to their fans on their personal Twitter accounts. Not only did they release a thank you message toward fans, but also attached a fan made video where fans from all over the world were featured in the short clip.

Meanwhile, MFBTY’s vocalist, Yoon Mi Rae, released the music video for “Angel” on December 8th where the song featured MFBTY’s Tiger JK and Bizzy.