10 Times BTS Randomly Appeared When Fans Were Least Expecting It

From K-Dramas to MVs, BTS are everywhere.

These days, BTS is everywhere and anywhere, but they still manage to take fans by surprise with unexpected mentions and appearances like these ones.

1. Jin and Jungkook’s Mattel dolls showed up in Selena Gomez’s “Boyfriend” music video

2. A BTS news article appeared in The King: Eternal Monarch

3. Jin popped up on a coffee can on Hospital Playlist

4. V’s BT21 character TATA appeared on Girls World

5. V temporarily became the 10th member of TWICE…

6. While filming American Hustle Life in Los Angeles, BTS randomly guested in a Ricky Dillon video

7. Jimin appeared in the webtoon Lookism

8. Speaking of webtoons, they also showed up here

9. Jimin appeared as an extra in GLAM’s “Party XXO” MV…

10. …and several members appeared in Jo Kwon’s “I’m Da One” MV

11. BONUS: Bang Si Hyuk’s photo appeared in the “Singularity” MV