[★FEATURE] Top 10 Moments of Running Man Episode #236

In episode 236, the Running Man members worked as a team to go head to head against Shinhwa and ZE:A! Which macho team will last till the end? Check out our top 10 moments from this week’s episode below! Warning: Spoilers ahead! 

1. Junjin’s overly manly solo dance
Ah, no wonder you had your back turned to the camera ㅋㅋ At least you finished it off with a cool stance!

2. Shinhwa’s outfit malfunction
-clap clap clap clap-
…why are my arms stuck together….
It was even more hilarious when a second member immediately fell into the same predicament!

3. Jaesuk’s mud face of anger
Knowing the odds were against him, he did the only thing only a true man can do: slap the mud onto his face and yell an intimidating howl! Hey, it worked didn’t it? He won \o/

4. Kwangsoo’s jump into the mud pit
Kwang-toad? Is that you? ㅋㅋ maybe he had too much enthusiasm and pent up energy for the game.

5. Haha’s midair swing
Ninja-ha shows Running Man his hidden talents, defying all odds of gravity in his one to one battle! Who else was impressed with his move?

6. The Commander being manhandled in the mud pit
It takes four people, one for each limb, to handle Sparta Kook! What else is new?

7. Kwangsoo’s dodgeball shuffling moves
Now, does anyone else have the “Moves like Kwangsoo?” Our lovable giraffe never fails to amuse us!

8. Sukjin’s flying hat
In all his intensity, Junjin hurled the dodgeball right at the opposing team where he hit a target! However, it was comically directed at Sukjin’s hat, which shot off like a rocket, and simultaneously ousted him.

9. The human ladder game
Now this looks intense! I wouldn’t want to be the base players…how were they able to hold up everyones’ weight? o_o;;

10. Running Man’s unbelievable win
Wow, since when were Running Man members this lucky?! Even our Lady of Luck, Jihyo, was able to lend a helping hand! Their teamwork is truly outstanding!

Bonus: Birthday event for Sukjin, Eric, and Gary
Now, who doesn’t love a surprise birthday event? Happy birthday to all of the February babies 😀

What were your favorite moments in this episode? Let us know in the comments below~