Here Are The Top 5 Red Velvet Eras And The Member Who Totally Owned Each Era

Every era has been wonderful, but these really had us hooked.

Red Velvet have always been breathtaking, no doubt about it. But throughout the years of promotions, there have been songs that simply stuck better with a certain member than others. Here are the best of Red Velvet’s successful eras — and the member who owned each era.

1. “Ice Cream Cake”

“Ice Cream Cake” marked the beginning of Red Velvet as a five-membered girl group, with the addition of Yeri as the new maknae. Hence, Yeri was at the center of attention throughout the group’s promotion of this track — and rightfully too. Her orange pigtails for “Ice Cream Cake” performances remain one of the most beloved hairstyles done by female idols in K-Pop history.

2. “Red Flavor”

Joy gave the track “Red Flavor” its most passionate shade of red, with her Little Mermaid hair color. Marked by her Ariel hairstyle, combined with her uniquely bright-and-bubbly energy, this 2017 era totally belonged to Joy. Thanks to the refreshingly funky sound, “Red Flavor” charmed K-Pop lovers all through that summer — and continues to do so, for many summers after.

3. “Peek-A-Boo”

The velvet-y side of Red Velvet peaked with “Peek-A-Boo” and fans helplessly fell in love with the dark-and-sexy Red Velvet members. Of them all though, Irene‘s “Ice Princess” vibe perfectly matched this more mature concept. Her ending fairy moment on Music Bank remains legendary among K-Pop fans, as she glowed translucent in her sparkly outfit!

4. “Bad Boy”

Seulgi stole the thunder every time she pulled this “shooting” choreography on stage, throughout the group’s “Bad Boy” promotion. Plus, her “choppy bangs” became her most iconic hairstyle yet — as did her “Gucci shirt under a blazer” outfit. Seulgi was, indeed, the most dominant one on stage and thus, super badass.

5. “Psycho”

Though due to a painfully unfortunate accident Wendy has not been able to promote the latest bop “Psycho” with the rest of the group, she most absolutely owns this era. From what the fans got to see until Wendy had to go on hiatus to focus on recovering, she had the stage lit AF — with her sexy blonde hair and that irreplaceable risqué vibe.

Source: Nate Pann

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