[★TRENDING] iKON to enter Chinese market following their debut

With the ongoing hype for YG Entertainment‘s newest and upcoming boy group, iKON, the agency has not only announced a set debut date for the rookie group for January of 2015, but also plans to execute active group promotions in the Chinese music market as soon as possible.

As YG Entertainment’s representative and founder, Yang Hyun Suk commented:

“Both Korean and international fans’ response to iKON’s debut news is beyond our expectation. In particular, iKON is very popular in China. After iKON debuts in Korea early next year, they will start promotions in China as soon as possible. Due to Big Bang’s active promotions in Japan, they were able to achieve 800,000 [audience] from their tours just in Japan. It’s an amazing result. If Big Bang targeted Japan for their promotions, iKON will be China. Through our fan meeting in China, we can already confirm that iKON will have a fan base in China.”

Yang Hyun Suk also added, “No artists from YG Entertainment have actually challenged to enter the Chinese music market yet. iKON and WINNER members have learned Japanese for basic communication skills. We will prepare them to learn Chinese as well for the upcoming active promotions in China.”  

Meanwhile, with Kim Jin HwanB.I and Bobby are confirmed as the first three members to debut in this 7-member group (iKON), while the remaining four of six trainees Goo Jun HwaeKim Dong HyukSong Yun HyungJung Chan WooJung Jin Hyung, and Yang Hong Suk must compete in the final episode of MIX & MATCHwhich is set to air on October 30th.

Meanwhile, on October 11th, iKON attended the fan meeting in Beijing where 60,000 fans gathered. Reportedly, iKON members were avidly welcomed from their arrival at the airport.

Photo of Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment.
Photo of Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment.

Source: TV Report

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