[★TRENDING] Photos from HI SUHYUN’s “I’m Different” MV filming go viral

Photos from HI SUHYUN’s music video taping for their latest single “I’m Different” has gone viral since netizens began posting them on the web.

Earlier, it was reported that they would be filming a music video with a teenage love triangle concept where Bobby, who is featured on the track, will be caught in the middle. The music video will be “naive and pretty with the sentiment of teenagers” stated a personnel from YG Entertainment.

Today, it was revealed that the three young artists have been busy filming their new music video as photos surfaced on the web depicting the three stars in school uniform and heavy jackets for the wintertime. Their music video is one that is “beautiful because of the innocence of their age” as the concept will come straight from the lyrics of their hit single.

In the first photo, Bobby is seen outside a coffee shop looking forlornly into the cafe. The second photo depicts Bobby cast off from the two girls who are hugging each other tightly, possibly implying that Lee Hi and Suhyun‘s characters are friends who then become tangled into a love triangle with Bobby. Lastly, there is a long shot of Bobby in a casual suit and tie along with sneakers as he approaches a school gate.

HI SUHYUN’s debut has taken the K-pop world by a storm, achieving all-kill status within 12 hours of release, surprising even the agency. Their unprecedented success  illustrated the influence that the two powerhouse female vocals have as well as the Show Me the Money 3 champion and confirmed member of upcoming boy band iKON, Bobby.

Originally, a music video was to be released along with the track at midnight on November 11th, but was pushed back. It has been announced that they are scheduled to do more shooting, and the music video will be released as soon as shooting and editing are completed.

Source: Naver Blog (mamoku2) and TV Report