YG Entertainment on HI SUHYUN debut single, “They did better than expected”

YG Entertainment‘s new project unit group HI SUHYUN has been doing extremely well on the chart since the release of their digital single, “I’m Different,” on November 11th midnight KST, surprising even the agency.

HI SUHYUN consists of YG Entertainment’s youngest vocal line including solo artist Lee Hi and Akdong Musician‘s Suhyun. The duo released “I’m Different” earlier today with a little help from iKON‘s Bobby as a featured rapper.

The song has proved its popularity, even dethroning MC MONG from first place which he has been sitting comfortably in since the release of his comeback album, MISS ME OR DISS MEand has achieved an all-kill status with their debut single.

YG Entertainment even expressed their surprise, stating, “The results were better than expected. There’s a possibility HI SUHYUN will extend their activities if the public continues to give a positive response.” 

Source: Dispatch