[★TRENDING] Star News reports YG Entertainment to debut new girl group in November

Star News is reporting in an exclusive that YG Entertainment is set to debut their new girl group. The group will come 5 years after the debut of their last girl group, 2NE1.

According to Star News, an associate revealed to them on October 16th that YG Entertainment was preparing to debut their new group. The representative revealed, “YG Entertainment’s new girl group is currently recording and preparing for their debut. They have been long preparing for the debut and are currently in their last phase.”

Star News released a report outlining that the group is highly likely to debut this coming November. The group has worked on so many songs that it is still undecided whether they will release a single or album. Due to the progress they’ve made in training, the group is reported to have no problems releasing songs to their fans by November.

YG Entertainment has been scarce in their information about the new girl group, besides two of the members. Born in 1995, Kim Jisoo is known for her visuals along with her remarkable dancing skills. Born in 1996, Kim Jeni has appeared in G-Dragon‘s “That XX” music video as a lead female role. During G-Dragon’s solo promotion, Kim Jeni also appeared on SBS’ Ingikayo as a surprise guest and featured in his song “Black” on stage.

YG Entertainment has been long rumored to be releasing their next girl group, and especially before the end of 2014. This exclusive report comes in the major news with 2NE1 members CL announcing her debut in the U.S with Scooter Braun and 2NE1’s Minzy under rumors with her Twitter + Instagram handle changes.