TS Entertainment releases rap video by fourth member of SONAMOO

TS Entertainment is preparing to debut a new girl group called SONAMOO, and has unveiled three of its members so far. On October 31st, the agency semi-unveiled the fourth and final member via a video.

Unlike the other three members, the fourth member’s face is not seen, and instead is blurred. However, her body line is clearly shown as she poses with her side exposed and her clothes hugging her lines.

The fourth member astounds listeners and SONAMOO fans with her strong and rhythmic rapping skills, which she has written herself. With a low voice, but emitting confidence in her rap, she keeps in harmony with the beat of the drums. The currently unnamed rapper is 20 years old and is known to attend Donguk Women’s University majoring in Film Theatre.

According to TS Entertainment, “These girls have more hidden talents yet to be unveiled. Our agency is providing these girls with passionate support. You won’t regret to expect much from this new girl group.”

Meanwhile, the fourth member of SONAMOO has yet to choose her stage name, and has called out to fans to decide for her.

Other members of the group include Na HyunNew Sun, and Eui Jin.

You can check out more on SONAMOO’s official fan pagehttp://cafe.daum.net/officialsonamoo or their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/officialsonamoo