UNIQ is “Falling in Love” in debut MV

Currently busy with their simultaneous debut promotions in South Korea and China, UNIQ finally releases the official music video for their debut track, “Falling in Love”.

After a long round of teasing and debut promotions, the official music video was released on October 20th released through 1theK. In the music video, this Chinese-Korean boy group sing about their shy feelings for a girl and how they are “falling in love” with her. As the music video plays, couple scenarios are seen between the girl and the members. Interestingly, UNIQ holds contrasting scenes within dance sequences; throughout the song, the members switch between dancing in a ritzy mansion with fashionable plaid suits to the city streets in chic hiphop clothes. UNIQ’s energetic dancing combined with their innocent expressions definitely are the highlights of this music video.

Meanwhile, UNIQ is a group created by a collaboration between YG Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. The group consists of Chinese members Wong Yibo, Li Wenhan and Zhou Yixuan and Korean members Kim Sungjoo and Cho Seungyoun, while their debut track was produced by Shin Hyuk of Joombas Music Group. In addition, the members themselves helped write the song lyrics to better convey the song’s meaning!

Source: 1theK

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