“Unpretty Rap Star” Lil Cham under fire for lousy and inappropriate tutoring job

Rapper Lil Cham from the newest Mnet reality competition program, Unpretty Rap Star, has been under fire after screen caps of an old Instagram post surfaced onto the web.

On February 14th, a post titled “Currently controversial Lil Cham SNS post” was shared onto a Korean online community forum called Instiz with a screen cap of an old post from Lil Cham’s Instagram account.

In the screen cap is an image speculated to be a childhood photo of Lil Cham and her sibling. However, the photo is not the controversial element. Seen underneath the photo is the controversial caption that reads, “I really didn’t feel like tutoring so I acted like I was angry at my student and made him rewrite a word he got wrong 100 times…. just playing around is so sweet, euhaha. I’m hungry.

Though this post was immediately deleted from her account after spreading like wildfire on several online communities, many netizens were able to take a screen capture of it to continue to post around.

Many viewers and netizens were surprised to see that Lil Cham graduated with a Bachelors in Political Diplomacy from Yonsei University, one of the top three elite universities in South Korea. However, the same netizens who were able to see this post left comments of disappointment and annoyance such as, “If that was my child or if I was that student, I’d be really pissed off,” “For someone who is actually really smart, why would she do that?” “It’s not like she was tutoring for free… she was getting paid, but still acting like that?” “Did she expect to get paid for sitting around and doing nothing?” and, “I hope that student and parents realized she wasn’t doing her job and hired a new tutor.

Take a look at the Instagram post below:

Lil' Cham Instagram capture via Instiz
Photo: Lil Cham’s Instagram capture via Instiz

Source: Instiz