[★VIDEO] INFINITE officially announces comeback in May

INFINITE officially announced that they are making a “7 in 1” comeback this coming May, with a teaser video already released!

The group held their solo fan meet INFINITE Rally 2 (INFINITE Gathering 2) in Seoul on February 28th, where they performed their hit songs in front of fans who came from all over the world.

Besides showing off their trademark 99.9% sync choreography dances, the highlight of the night would probably be the one-minute comeback teaser video revealed during the fan meet.

Woohyun previously hinted the group’s activities starting February that INFINITE H, Sungkyu, and the whole group was making preparations for a comeback. While the hip-hop duo successfully promoted their title track “Pretty” with winning streaks on music shows, leader Sungkyu’s comeback announcement has yet to be announced. If Sungkyu were to make a solo comeback before INFINITE’s group activities, it would likely be in March or April.

Catch a sneak preview of INFINITE’s comeback teaser below!