WA$$UP releases official MV for “Shut Up U”

After teasing fans with a teaser video and performances on music shows, WA$$UP released the music video for “Shut Up U” on December 8th.

Men in animal masks are seen roaming around before running into the members of WA$$UP. As they approach the girls, WA$$UP quickly starts to dance, a dance battle ensuing. The seven member girl group are shown dancing in bright urban outfits as they are clothed in a pink themed outfit with fur jackets and headbands.

“Shut Up U” is an upbeat song that is perfect for dancing and is featured on their 2nd mini-album, Showtime. Their 2nd mini-album consists of six tracks, “Showtime,” “Too Loud U,” “Stupid Liar,” “Where’re You Looking,” “Hug Me,” and the club mix for “Too Loud U.”

Meanwhile, on November 29th, WA$$UP released an official apology for offending Muslim fans after their performance on Show Champion.