“We Broke Up” Dara and Seungyoon couple up for “1st Look”

On screen couple, 2NE1‘s Dara and WINNER‘s Seungyoon continued to showcase their on screen relationship as YG Entertainment released photos of the two posing for 1st Look on July 15th.

As the two gather together in a photo, Dara can been seen clothed in an all white outfit while accessorized with a headband while Seungyoon can be seen in a patterned suit while holding a bouquet of flowers. Because Dara was dressed in all white while Seungyoon was holding a bouquet of flowers, the photo appeared as if the on screen couple was dressed for a casual wedding.

Along with the photo of the two together, 1st Look also released two photos, showcasing the on screen couple posing individually. Both Dara and Seungyoon showcased a natural concept as they posed with flowers.

Meanwhile, Dara and Seungyoon have been playing the role as a couple on the web drama We Broke Up.

Posted by 2NE1 on Tuesday, July 14, 2015