[★TRENDING] What is the reason behind WINNER’s comeback and iKON’s debut delay?

In a recent interview with Korean media outlet, OSEN, YG Entertainment‘s founder Yang Hyun Suk explained the delays associated with both WINNER‘s comeback and iKON‘s debut.

After making their debut last year, WINNER has been quiet in the music scene. However, member Nam Taehyun revealed last month that the group’s comeback may possibly be this year. During their musical hiatus, the members have been participating in individual activities including Song Mino‘s appearances on Show Me The Money and Nam Taehyun’s acting in a web drama as well as a “meokbang drama.”

Upcoming YG Entertainment boy group iKON has yet to have their official debut after finalizing their members through the survival program “Mix & Match” last year.

In his latest interview with OSEN, Yang Hyun Suk talked about both WINNER’s comeback and iKON’s debut which have both been pushed back. He stated, “WINNER comeback and iKON debut? It’s not what I decide. When the right song is chosen, you will hear the happy news. Right now, neither the artists nor I have been satisfied with the work.

He went on to explain the logic behind why none of the possible songs have been satisfactory. He elaborated, “Think about when BIGBANG was first created. G-Dragon wrote a song for me every day during his trainee period like a homework assignment and this is what any professional singer should do if they want to be prepared to sing for the public. Singers who quickly pick songs have a shorter [career] lifespan. Every time BIGBANG comes out with a new album, they undergo the pain [of carefully choosing songs].

About the members of WINNER and iKON, Yang Hyun Suk continued with, “WINNER and iKON have been working really hard, and in the recent months, they have showed me more than fifty songs. I sent them back. They are still 2% short [of perfect]. I know that and so do they. Throughout this process, they have developed a lot. I’m really sorry for the fans that are waiting for them, but I am confident that they are not far away [from making their comeback and debuts, respectively]. When they make their comeback and debut, it will be worth it.

Meanwhile, fellow YG Entertainment group BIGBANG has been dominating the charts with their monthly releases of two tracks as part of their “MADE” series. Their latest tracks, “BANG BANG BANG,” and “We Like 2 Party,” were released earlier this month.

Stay tuned for more information on WINNER’s comeback and iKON’s debut!

Source: OSEN