Netizens choose the best entertainment agency for artists and fans

Netizens discuss which entertainment agencies are best for artists and their fans.

Ranging from large corporate-like entertainment agencies to smaller name agencies, Korea’s entertainment industry is run by various entertainment companies. But which are considered to treat their artists fairly as well as their fans?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss which entertainment companies are best for their artists and their fans.

Titled “Which Agencies Are Actually Good Hahahahaha,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.


“Phew.. After seeing that BTS’ Jimin fainted, I write this post. I’m a BEAUTY and can’t seem to find what Cube Entertainment is doing right;; Phew.. They promoted for three weeks hahahahaahah What do we expect from them when they still haven’t made BEAST their official Twitter account yet.

I don’t know about JYP Entertainment but I didn’t hear good things about SM or YG Entertainment. Teen Top’s agency is also a hot debate between fans of mistreating artists and fans (Is it really? If so, what is it for T_T?)

But for INFINITE, the members seem really close to their CEO and I’m jealous T_T_T_T Phew.. I hope Cube Entertainment start doing things right too ^!^ Actually, I hope all of the entertainment agencies start doing things right..^^ Please prevent news coming directly from the artists before the agency reports on it… pshh”


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[+319, -28] I heard when Nam Woo Hyun had a stomach infection, nice Woollim Entertainment cancelled his schedule for a whole week.

[+246, -38] Woollim is really good

[+226, -41] Why is there a thumbs down on each of the comments saying Woollim Entertainment is good.. They are a good company and think of their artists.. Please be aware because they will develop to become better! haha

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