Will Infinite H keep their cross dressing promise?

Infinite H continues to prove their immense popularity and talents through their latest music show win on February 7th’s broadcast of MBC‘s Music Core. However, this is no ordinary win, as it could gift fans with the chance to see the duo dressed as ladies.

On February 5th Infinite H made a promise on radio show, Cultwo Show, that they would, in the case of another music show win, shave their legs and wear drag. That is, they would wear women’s clothing.

This shows the members’ immense love and gratefulness for their fans and broadcasting stations that help them promote their songs. In fact, Dongwoo promised that it would be on either their own SNS accounts or their next appearance on the Cultwo Show that they present their more feminine selves as a way of thanking everyone for their support. This form of symbiotic harmony is always nice to see in this industry, and it’s great to see Infinite H staying thankful to those that love them.

Their win on Music Core marks the second win for their title track “Pretty,” winning against other strong competitors, including Davichi and Mad Clown. Their first win was on the February 2nd broadcast of SBS MTV’s The Show, where they went up again Davichi, UKISS, Jung Yonghwa and Jonghyun.

Source: TV Report