WINNER Song Mino criticized for using YG’s help in “Show Me The Money 4”

Netizens criticize WINNER‘s Song Mino, claiming he only made it to the finals of Show Me The Money 4 with BIGBANG Taeyang‘s help.

Show Me The Money 4 will air its last episode live on August 28th with WINNER member Song Mino and rapper Basick going head to head on stage.

Song Mino has been a target of all the rappers from the beginning of the season due to his idol background. Many rappers dissed Song Mino, with Black Nut using the line “the winner of this competition is going to be Song Mino anyways,” in one of his raps claiming Song Mino’s YG Entertainment will help him move through the competition.

But Song Mino tried to prove everyone wrong on the show with his skills and presence during his stage performances. He was also involved in a controversy using lyrics that offended the Korean public.

In response to the allegations Taeyang helped Mino in his semi-final win, YG Entertainment stated that Taeyang offered the help to Song Minho in person.

YG Entertainment stated that “Taeyang loves teaching trainees choreographies rather than going out on his off days and Song Minho has been like a brother to him so we decided to let them stand up on stage.

But after receiving much criticism for allegedly using YG’s help to move onto the finals, Song Mino and YG Entertainment reports that Song Mino will not be receiving any help from YG Entertainment for his last live performance in the finals this Friday.

[ +1,257 / -191] Song Mino’s image crashed down after coming on SMTM.

[ +1,116 / -22] He claimed he won’t have any help from YG but ended up using YG to go to the final stage gogo

[ +957 / -144] Why are you reporting on something that should be obvious.. He should be performing by himself if he has the skills to

[ +127 / -32] He is going to get wrecked by Basick haha He won last week due to Taeyang. Black Nut was a lot better ha

[ +124 / 23] To be honest, his skills are overrated ha

[ +122 / -19] To be honest in the semi-finals, Black Nut won by a mile. If you hear the songs back to back, you could feel a great difference. First round had a difference of 800,000 Won but how did it get flipped like that in the second round? The voting isn’t even revealed clearly. Is Mnet really helping YG win.

[ +103 / -10] Why say you’re not receiving any help from YG after you come to the finals? hahahahaaha Now you say it after putting him on the finals lol

[ +95 / -10] He was receiving all the help he could until now and claims he won’t receive any help when it is almost over.

Source: OSEN, JoongbooComments: OSEN vis Nate