WINNER’s Mino shows artistic talent in Epik High “Born Hater” drawing

It seems male group WINNER is not only full of talented artists, but artistic talent as well. In a recent post, Tablo shared an amazing drawing of Epik High’s “Born Hater” drawn by Mino.

Tablo writes on November 6th, “EPIK HIGH – BORN HATER ART by Song Minho (MINO of WINNER) | Minho finally drew this out for his hyungs as a gift to celebrate our solo concert! You created a BORN ANGEL ㅜㅜ”.

The talented rapper shared the drawing on his Twitter, revealing the cast of the music video, drawn in black and white, save Tukutz in his bright red suit. At the bottom of the drawing, Mino expresses his congratulations to his seniors on the successful release of their 8th album Shoebox.

What an amazing drawing! Check it out below!