Woo Taewoon releases mixtape “DOIN’ A FREE FALL”

On January 9th, the leader of SPEEDWoo Taewoon, has finally released his eight-track mixtape titled DOIN’ A FREE FALL.

Although the artist has been on a hiatus since the release of the group’s mini-album SPEED Circus in 2014, he announced earlier that he would be releasing a mixtape for fans to enjoy.

The first track “I’ve Got A Wing” and seventh track “Blind” are original tracks that producer Konquest from his “Royal Class” crew and production team Radio Galaxy took part in creating. As revealed earlier, the eighth track on his mixtape will be released at a later time.

Taewoon actively took part in the production of his mixtape and even designed the artwork that is shown on the covers. He further stated that he will be very active with concerts as well as other activities from now on.

The mixtape is available for download here and can be streamed here. Fans who want to hear more from Taewoon can follow him on Twitter @bkgo123!

[Track List]
01. “I’ve Got A Wing” (Prod. Konquest)
02. “새벽5시(5:00 AM)” (Inst. Lupe Fiasco – Paris Tokyo)
03. “Zico 형(Zico’s Brother)” (Inst. Shawty Lo – They know)
04. “If Had God Tried” (Inst. J. Cole – Sideline Story)
05. “In Order” (Feat. Dorothy) (Inst. Lupe Fiasco – I’m beaming)
06. “낙하 (Free Fall)” (Inst. Nas – the message)
07. “Blind” (Prod. Radio Galaxi)
09. “Lost Star (Remix)” (Bonus Track) (Inst. Maroon5 – lost star)


Source: HipHop Playa