YG Entertainment drops a time bomb with new “Who’s Next” teaser

On March 25th, YG Entertainment surprised fans with another “Who’s Next” poster. Many commenters speculate this could be a sign for BIGBANG.

The agency has used this tactic to reveal acts such as HI SUHYUN and EPIK HIGH, leaving fans extremely excited for what might be the first of a new series of image teasers.

The mysterious photo is black and white, showing the now trademark text above a timed b0mb. The date reads April 2015 with the exact day blanked out with red x’s. The bomb shows a 10-key passcode system with wires that reach out into the viewer’s 3D perspective.

Although BIGBANG, iKON, and WINNER have all faced recent delays in their respective comeback and debuts, this new poster seems to be a hint that the agency will be making some sort of release soon. Commenters seem to be exclaiming unanimously that the teaser is a hint for BIGBANG, however, in typical YG Entertainment fashion the poster reveals no further information.

Stay tuned for more updates on “Who’s Next”!

Check out the image teaser here: