[★TRENDING] YG Entertainment remains silent as B.I’s father’s embezzlement scandal broils on

YG Entertainment is beginning to receive backlash from netizens for remaining silent towards recent matters involving B.I‘s father’s embezzlement scandal.

It recently made news that Kim Jung Ju, former CEO of Seunghwa Freetech, was accused of embezzling $2.4 million USD from the company. The scandal has become a heated topic of discussion among netizens since it was revealed to the public that Kim Jung Ju is the father of B.I, leader of YG Entertainment’s newest boy group iKON.

Over the past few days, netizens have been divided in their support and criticism of B.I and his future as a member of iKON. Several are voicing strong opinions that he should be removed from the group, while others are expressing sympathy for B.I, who has come a long way towards his upcoming 2015 debut with his participation in multiple survival programs, including MIX & MATCH, WIN:Who Is Next, and Show Me The Money 3.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has yet to respond to the matter and has been silent towards media requests for an official statement or comment. According to TV Daily, this kind of delayed response from the agency has been common in scandals involving its artists in the past, including Park Bom‘s amphetamine controversy and G-Dragon‘s marijuana scandal earlier this year.

As the scandal continues to escalate, all eyes are turning to YG Entertainment, as many anticipate the company’s reaction to this particular situation regarding B.I, who has yet to make his official debut.