Zico reveals image teaser for solo, “Tough Cookie”

On October 30th, Block B‘s Zico uploaded an image teaser for his upcoming solo release titled “Tough Cookie.”

The artist uploaded the colorful image teaser to his personal Twitter, announcing to fans that he would be returning to the music scene with a fresh track.

Zico’s image teaser has a vibrant color scheme with bold red, green, purple, and blue corners. Playing off the “Tough Cookie” title, the photo’s centerpiece is a personified cookie with an angry yet playful expression. The many strips of caution tape surrounding the top and bottom of the photo contribute to this fun yet strong concept.

With innocent chocolate chips turned into aggressive spikes, the cookie hints to fans that this will be another head-bobbing hip hop track they can anticipate. The rapper has released various mixtapes in the past as well as contributed his rapping skills to recent collaborations with other artists such as OlltiiHyorin, and Park Bo Ram. Indeed, the collaborative mood will not cease here as the image teaser also hints that “Tough Cookie” will feature a mysterious artist.

Zico has not released any further details about his solo track so stay tuned for further updates on “Tough Cookie”!

Check out his tweet below:

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