Zion.T and Esom are next to be caught up in dating rumors

On July 24th, rumors broke out that singer and producer Zion.T and actress Esom were in a relationship.

Chart-topping singer and songwriter Zion.T is currently participating as a producer on MBC‘s Infinity Challenge for the 2015 Infinity Challenge Music Festival. Through his participation on the show, his song “Yanghwa Bridge,” which was released in August 2014 has soared back up into the Top 10. However, increased music sales is not the only attention he has been receiving.

Earlier this week, rumors spread that Zion.T (26) and movie actress Esom (25) were in a relationship. However, Zion.T’s agency, Amoeba Culture, cleared the rumors by stating that the two are just in an oppa-dongseang relationship, meaning that they are like brother and sister. Esom’s agency, Management Donghaeng, agreed and confirmed that they have just known each other for a long time, but are not in a romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, Zion.T will be making an appearance in the United States next week at KCON 2015 LA. He recently soared to the top of the charts with his last release, “Eat,” despite tough competition from many of the industry’s top groups.

Source: Bugs, Naver Movies, Naver Music, and Newsen