Zion.T and hyukoh’s past tracks top the charts due to the “Infinite Challenge” effect

MBC‘s popular variety program Infinite Challenge has once again created a ripple effect in the music industry as it boosted up the popularity of two artists’ past tracks on the music charts.


Despite the heavy competition among idol groups who have made simultaneous comebacks this Summer, indie band hyukoh has been seen topping the charts for several weeks now with “Come & Go.” The song “Come & Go” was originally released in May 2015 and resurfaced near the top of the charts due to Infinite Challenge.

Zion.T‘s song “Yanghwa Bridge,” a track that is 10-months old after being released in 2014, re-emerged on the music charts at #1 on several music charts including Melon, Olleh Music, Mnet, Naver Music, and monkey3 as of July 19th at 8am KST.

Just a day prior, Infinite Challenge had aired the track on the show, in which Zion.T is currently making a guest appearance for the show’s every other year music festival event. It was there he told the story behind the track, revealing that he felt an inspiration after walking through the Yanghwa Bridge one day.

In the same episode, Zion.T’s father made a surprise appearance as well.

Just last year, Infinite Challenge launched a 90s special episode (“TOTOGA”), inviting some of the hottest 90s artists including Uhm Jung Hwa, Turbo, S.E.S, Jinusean, and more to perform, making the audience feel a wave of nostalgia and pushing tracks like “Poison” (1998; Uhm Jung Hwa), “White Love” (1998; Turbo) and “Love Is” (1996; Turbo), and “I Love You” (1998; S.E.S) to the top of the charts for several weeks.

Source: OSEN