Highlight’s Agency Responds To Reports Regarding Comeback By End Of This Year
Nothing has been set in stone.
HIGHLIGHT Announces They Are Preparing For A Comeback By The End Of This Year
Looks like they’ll be busy for the rest of they year!
HIGHLIGHT To Hold A Fan Concert To Celebrate 13th Debut Anniversary
This will be a special moment for both artist and fans.
HIGHLIGHT’s Son Dongwoon Touches Fans With A Surprise Gift After Their Video Call Fansigns
What a thoughtful gift.
HIGHLIGHT’s Dongwoon Drops Second Mini Album “Happy Birthday”
Happy birthday to Dongwoon!
HIGHLIGHT’s Dongwoon Drops Preview Film And Teaser Image For “Moderato”
This is a part of his musical term series.
HIGHLIGHT’s Dongwoon To Make Solo Comeback 
This will be a special birthday for him!
HIGHLIGHT To Begin Ticket Sales For First Solo Concert In 4 Years
This is something fans have been waiting for!
Highlight’s Doojoon Just Wanted To Match Dongwoon’s Ending Fairy Visuals…But Ended Up Ruining His Outfit Instead
Another chaotic ending fairy moment from Doojoon!
Fans Can’t Get Over HIGHLIGHT Dongwoon’s Visuals In Latest Comeback With “DAYDREAM”
He’s got both talent and visuals!