Highlight Finally Receive Trademark Rights For BEAST From Cube Entertainment After 8 Long Years

It’s been a long time.

Boy group Highlight have finally received trademark rights for their previous group BEAST after 8 long years.

Highlight posted a video teaser titled “Lights Go On, Again” on April 2, showing how Highlight and BEAST will finally be reunited on May 10 through May 12.

They also confirmed in a statement that they were able to work with Cube Entertainment to obtain the rights to BEAST and its trademarks.

We have reached a mutual agreement with Cube Entertainment on the use of the trademarks for BEAST.

The group will continue to promote under the name Highlight. However, it is a new feeling to be able to show you BEAST, regardless of the team’s name. We hope this news will be a meaningful gift for the fans and Highlight as we celebrate our 15 year anniversary.

— Around Us Entertainment

BEAST debuted under Cube Entertainment in 2009 as six members. Jang Hyunseung left the group in April 2016 while Yong Junhyung left the group in March 2019 following the group’s rebranding as Highlight. In 2016, when the group had to renegotiate contracts with Cube Entertainment, they decided to leave the company. Cube Entertainment did not release the trademarks for the group’s name, meaning they were unable to continue as BEAST and thus rebranded to Highlight.

Source: Ilgan Sports


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