Ron is a proud member of Koreaboo’s bilingual team with whom he works to spread the knowledge of K-Pop to the rest of the world. In the years since he was introduced to K-Pop via TVXQ!’s ”Rising Sun", Ron has continued to follow K-Pop but was never a huge stan of any particular group. Instead, as a casual fan of many, Ron prides himself on being able to bring objectivity to his writing.
Park Eun Bin To Reunite With “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Director In New Superpower K-Drama With Stan Lee
What a combination!
Celebrity Couple Divorces After Wife Discovers Her Husband Molested Her Older Sister
He also was in a common-law relationship at the same time as his marriage.
8 Times BTS’s Jungkook Showed Up Inside Your School Coursework
Learning with Jungkook is the best type of learning.
Police Reveal The Circumstances Surrounding Singer Park Bo Ram’s Sudden Death
They have shared details on what happened.
SM Entertainment Shares Update On aespa Winter’s Health Following Report Of Collapsed Lung
Get well soon, Winter.
Aespa’s Winter Reportedly Undergoes Surgery For A Collapsed Lung
Get well soon, Winter.
Singer Park Bo Ram Has Passed Away At The Age Of 30
May she rest in peace.
JYP Entertainment Confirms TWICE’s Chaeyoung And Zion.T Are Dating
It is official.
C-JeS Studios Confirms Lee Jae Wook And aespa’s Karina Have Broken Up
It is officially over.
Aespa’s Karina And Lee Jae Wook Have Reportedly Broken Up
They have broken up.
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