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VICTON’s Heochan Caught Drunk Driving, Suspends All Activities
He has stopped all activities.
JYP Entertainment Responds To The News Of TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Arriving In Korea
He is back in Korea after over a year out of the country.
Jung Chaeyeon Reportedly Joins Famed Agency BH Entertainment As An Actress Following DIA’s Disbandment
She already has a new home.
DIA To Officially End Group Activities On September 17
Thank you for seven years, DIA.
Sandara Park Admitted She’s Had A Crush On One Male Idol For 22 Years
It’s a known secret.
SM Entertainment Confirms Red Velvet’s Seulgi Will Make Her Solo Debut In October
Seulgi’s making her 4th debut!
Here’s ITZY’s Real Daily Diet, From Salads To Donuts
Take a look at everything each member eats in a day.
Actor Kang Tae Oh Personally Announces He Will Enlist In The Military On September 20
Serve well, Kang Tae Oh.
IU Reportedly Cast As Female Lead In New K-Drama By “When The Camelia Blooms” And “Fight For My Way” Writer
Actress IU is back.
BTS’s Jimin Scolded His Younger Brother, But It Backfired Almost Immediately
Jimin was just trying to be a good brother.