“Knowing Bros” Member And BUZZ Vocal Min Kyunghoon Will Get Married In November

Congratulations to the couple!

BUZZ‘s Min Kyunghoon will be getting married in November.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Kyunghyang, Min Kyunghoon will be getting married to his fiancée in November. Not much is known about her except for that she works in the broadcast industry. The couple has reportedly finalized their wedding date and are now letting their friends and family know.

The two reportedly met through an entertainment program and began dating at the end of 2023.

Min Kyunghoon is a fixed member of Knowing Bros and also the vocalist for the popular group BUZZ.

In a statement to Sports Kyunghyang, Min Kyunghoon’s agency confirmed the report.

It’s true that they are getting married. They are continuing to work on the exact timing.

We ask for your congratulations to Min Kyunghoon, who will be setting off on a new chapter with his bride.

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Source: Sports Kyunghyang
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