Lee Seung Gi

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“People look at me with pity…”
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Embezzlement Exposed: Dispatch Reveals Lee Seung Gi Is Not The Only One Who Has Been “Unpaid” By HOOK Entertainment’s CEO
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Korean Politicians Propose Bill In Response To Lee Seung Gi’s Feud With Former Label
The government may force agencies to open their accounting books.
Lee Seung Gi Formally Sues Hook Entertainment — Here’s The Full Translation Of His Legal Letter
They embezzled some of his modeling fees too.
Netizens Are Celebrating Lee Seung Gi’s Decision To Donate The Settlement Money From HOOK Entertainment — “Seunggi Oppa” Trends In Korea
“Seunggi oppa hwaiting!”
Lee Seung Gi Personally Responds To HOOK Entertainment’s Claims — Makes Stunning Declaration
Once again, the actor proves himself to be a class act.
HOOK Entertainment Reveals It Has Paid Lee Seung Gi Over 4 Billion KRW In Reparations
The agency claimed it had repaid all of its debts to the star.
Dispatch Reveals Exclusive Interview With Lee Seung Gi’s Former Manager, Exposing HOOK’s CEO Kwon Jin Young’s Antics
The manager shared everything he remembers from Lee Seung Gi’s early years.
HOOK Entertainment Is Flamed For Allegedly Shutting Down Lee Seung Gi’s Homepage
Lee Seung Gi requested to terminate his contract just the day before.