26-Year-Old Singer Xu Jialing Gets Killed By Stalker Fan

May she rest in peace.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

The tragic death of a popular 26-year-old singer, who was soon to be a bride, has left her nation in shock.

Xu Jialing | TV Story

Malaysian singer Xu Jialing was stabbed to death on December 18 by a 44-year-old man who claims to be her fan. According to reports, the man stabbed her eight times in major body parts, including her chest, back, and heart, which led to excessive bleeding and her eventual demise.

Xu Jialing | TV Story

The suspect is said to have stalked Xu for the past two years. On the day of her death, the singer reportedly promised to eat with him after he made repeated demands to meet her. But after their meal, arguments began, and the suspect assaulted her. He ended up yielding a knife and stabbing Xu to death. He also tried to end his own life afterward but failed. Currently, he is undergoing treatment at a hospital.

A witness reported the crime to police, who found Xu Jialing’s body in the suspect’s car. At the time of the arrest, the man claimed to be her boyfriend.

Xu Jialing was planning to get married next year to Liu Yang, a 23-year-old she has been dating since this March. The couple announced their wedding news recently and even shared wedding photos with fans. Liu Yang sent his condolences to his late girlfriend through social media on December 19, leaving netizens heartbroken.

Xu Jialing with her fiancé | Yahoo News

May her soul rest in peace.

Source: TV Report