Bad*ss 54-Year-Old Woman Showed An Armed Robber Who’s Boss

Here’s what happened.

A middle aged woman broke all expectations with her incredible reflexes.

One afternoon in August 2017, a man held up two employees of a 7/11 shop in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture. One was a 20-year old man while the other was a 54-year old woman.

The criminal pulled out a knife with a 20-centimeter blade and demanded she place the cash register’s money in his empty bag.

Put the money in here!

— Robber

Unrelated image of a robber | Wabi

While most victims in such a situation would rightfully freeze up, this woman did not. Instead, she grabbed the robber by the arm and forcefully dragged him out of the store. Scared, he fled the area immediately.

He came and left empty handed.

Netizens were hurled compliments towards the woman, amazed at her quick-witted nature and headstrong reaction. They said that she deserves a raise and heaps of praise.

  • The store manager should pay the woman extra since she ended up doing security guard duty too.
  • They should totally write a book about her.
  • Dude, help out, male clerk!
  • Just how weak is that robber?
  • Wait, are we sure she wasn’t really his mom after all?

Source: Japan Today

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