Actor Cheats On Girlfriend With Rising Singer — Caught On Video

His girlfriend left a comment on the singer’s Instagram afterwards.

An actor was caught cheating on his girlfriend with a rising singer while the girlfriend is away on a trip.

Actor Singer 3
Berant Zhu and Julia Wu | Mirror Media

The actor is Berant Zhu, a 24-year-old actor who had been nominated for several awards since making his debut over five years ago in Taiwan.

Berant Zhu 1
Berant Zhu | @berantzhu_0404/Instagram

He’s been in a public relationship with Cindy H, a YouTuber, for about five years.

Cindy H 1
Cindy H | @cindyhhh32/Instagram

The couple was previously filmed together, with Cindy helping Berant when he was injured.

Berant Cindy 1
Cindy H (middle) and Berant Zhu (right) | CTWANT
Berant Cindy 2
Cindy H (left) and Berant Zhu (right) | CTWANT

The rising singer caught being intimate with Berant is Julia Wu, a 29-year-old who grew up in Australia but currently promotes in Taiwan. She also starred in the Korean variety show Miss Korea 2 – Julia & JoJo.

Julia Wu 1
Julia Wu | @juliawu94/Instagram

According to a report by Mirror Media, Berant and Julia went on a date at a park late at night on March 28.

Berant Julia 1
Berant Zhu and Julia Wu | Mirror Media

At around 11:17pm local time, Julia was sitting on Berant’s lap, with the two of them hugging.

According to the report, the two also started kissing with their mask on.

Less than half an hour later, they left the park together.

They were then seen walking side-by-side with Berant’s hand on Julia’s waist, just like a regular couple.

Berant Julia 6
Berant Zhu and Julia Wu | Mirror Media

Cindy, who was in Korea on a business trip, seemingly alluded to Berant and Julia’s date on her Instagram. She uploaded two stories with the caption, “You never learn.” and “Ha.”

Cindy H 2

Netizens also caught her commenting on Julia’s Instagram, but the comment was deleted shortly after.

Cindy H 3


Julia: ‘Your white shoes are on my feet.’
Cindy: ‘So is my boyfriend on your body?’

You can watch the video of their date below.

Source: Mirror Media (1) and (2)
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