Actor Revealed His Secret, Out-Of-Wedlock Son After 11 Years

He confirmed the rumors.

Many celebrities prefer to keep their private lives out of the spotlight, and one managed to do it for over a decade.


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Less than two weeks after proposing to his girlfriend, Taiwanese-American actress Becky Su, Taiwanese actor Danson Tang revealed that he is a father and has been since his late twenties.


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When he was 28 years old, Danson Tang found out that his girlfriend at the time (not Becky Su) was pregnant. The couple, who had decided to raise their child together, ended up breaking up, partly due to personality differences.

Eleven years ago, my girlfriend and I found out that she was pregnant and decided to have the child even though we were not married. However, we broke up a few years ago, but decided we would raise the child together.

— Danson Tang

Although Danson Tang is often on the move and kept busy with work, he visits his son whenever he is in Taipei, and he stays in contact with him from afar using the WeChat app.


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…as the child’s father, my love for him will never change.

–Danson Tang

How Becky Su feel about the situation? Unlike the general public, who only had rumors to go on, Becky Su was informed by Danson Tang about his child and his past relationship after they started dating. Danson Tang proposed to Becky Su in November of 2023, while filming the reality show Call Me By Fire.

I confessed to her after we dated for a while and developed feelings for each other. Of course, she needed time to digest it, but we decided to be together after spending time together and communicating.

— Danson Tang

But the story doesn’t end there! Just a few months after the actor confirmed the existence of his first son, news outlets reported that he now has a second son with Becky Su.

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On March 8, the couple was spotted at a park with a child who was reportedly about two years old. Becky Su has since confirmed, via a Weibo post, that the boy is in fact her son. She posted a photo of her with her son and tagged Danson Tang.

I have been looking for a good time to tell you all about my little lover.

— Becky Su’s post caption

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