Hong Kong Idol Audition Show “King Maker” Returns For A Fifth Season — Here’s A Look At The Four Judges Who Will Play A Key Role

They all have so much experience!

Hong Kong idol audition show King Maker is returning with a long-awaited new season, scheduled to air next year.

“King Maker 5” | MakerVille

The show gathered a loyal following from the first season, as it led to the formation of popular groups MIRROR and ERROR.

MIRROR | MakerVille

Over the past four seasons, the show has helped many talented individuals in Hong Kong become artists. For the fifth season, preliminary auditions are being held in Canada and Malaysia, in addition to Hong Kong.

Candidates who passed the preliminary auditions in Vancouver, Canada | AM1470

While auditions are ongoing, dedicated viewers have been curious about the judges for this new season, as they play a critical role in deciding which individuals move on in the show. On December 15, the identity of the four judges were finally revealed!

On Chan (left) and Panther Chan (right) | Koreaboo

To lead the two teams of candidates, singer-songwriters On Chan and Panther Chan join forces, while another singer-songwriter Jay Fung teams up with theatre actress Rosa (Rosa Maria Velasco). They’re all veteran artists with many years of experience, which will surely help the candidates grow.

Rosa (left) and Jay Fung (right) | Koreaboo

On Chan began his singing career after placing second in a singing competition in 2008. He debuted in a group named C AllStar, which has remained a beloved group in Hong Kong even after more than ten years.

On Chan | Koreaboo

Panther Chan, who participated in one of Hong Kong’s first singing audition programs back in 2009 and placed fourth, possesses diverse experience. In addition to singing mainstream music, she’s also been in a band, established an independent music label, and more.

Panther Chan | Koreaboo

Like Panther Chan, Jay Fung started his career through a singing audition show. Despite having lived in Canada since he was two and not knowing how to read Chinese, he overcame the hardships and became one of Hong Kong’s well-regarded singer-songwriters.

Jay Fung | Koreaboo

Rosa is an actress who focuses on theatrical plays. After graduating from The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts, she became a full-time actress and received recognition for many of her roles. She now also teaches acting.

Rosa | Koreaboo

With a line-up of highly qualified judges, fans are looking forward to the judges’ candidate selections and how they will help the participants throughout the show!

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