Idol Is Left With Confusion Of A Lifetime After A Fan Says Uncalled-For Comment Backstage

It confused other fans as well.

An idol was in for the surprise of his life in his latest fanmeeting—and it wasn’t a good one.

Jeff Satur is a singer and actor hailing from Thailand. He is known for his roles in dramas such as KinnPorsche and Wuju Baker as well as for releasing hit songs like “Why Don’t You Stay” and “Fade.”

He is currently touring around Asia, with his recent stop being Hong Kong’s Macpherson Stadium. It was here where he was approached by a woman who told him something completely unexpected.


After he greeted her with a smile, she commented that she no longer wanted to support him as a fan.

Hi, sorry. I’m not your fan anymore.

 Former Fan

A look of confusion flashed across his face as he asked, “Why?” The woman in question asserted instead that she meant no harm to him.

But I still hope you take good care of yourself.

 Former Fan

Jeff questioned her a final time to which she could only say that her decision was based on “some reasons.” He did not pry any longer and assured her that he was not upset.

Jeff Satur: What? Why?

Former Fan: Erm…for some reasons.

Jeff Satur: It’s okay.

Other fans who commented on the video “expected there to be a reversal” where the original poster would suddenly explain that she was just kidding. In reality, none of this happened. They couldn’t understand what she stood to gain from sharing this upsetting piece of information directly to him.


To make matters even more confusing, the former fan still attended the exclusive handshake event with Jeff.

She also posted numerous clips from the concert, showing that she was paying close attention to him and his performances. The incident still remains a mystery to the fandom.

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