Idol Goes To Great Lengths To Fulfill Difficult Request Of Soldier Fanboy

He went above and beyond!

An idol in Taiwan is going viral for the lengths he would go for his fans.

SHOU from the boy group W0LF(S) recently posted an encounter he had with a fan while out with his celebrity girlfriend FanFan Chiao. They found out that the fan was a soldier in the army and thus was not allowed to take photos on his phone.

I ran into a fan who wanted to take a photo with me, but he said he’s in the army so he can’t take photos with his phone.


SHOU | 8Days

Instead of taking the easy way out and ending the interaction there, SHOU found a loophole. He took the selfie with the three of them on his own phone and posted it for everyone to see online. This way, the soldier would be downloading a photograph online and not breaking the rules by taking it himself.

So he asked me to take it for him. Here’s your photo, please claim it.


| @shoumethemoneyxx/Threads

A netizen wondered if the soldier would even be able to see the post. SHOU clarified that he already thought ahead and ensured that this would not be a problem.

Netizen: Ah if he doesn’t have Threads, then this photo would go to waste.

SHOU: He downloaded it while standing beside me.

Netizen: So thoughtful.

The interaction also started a discourse on why soldiers cannot take pictures on their phones despite being allowed to have a social media presence. Another netizen clarified that it was just the camera application that was locked for them.

Netizen: Why can’t a soldier take photos with his phone but can download Threads to save the photo?

Netizen: Why not? It’s just that the camera access on his phone is locked.


SHOU requested that his followers be kinder in the comments section as no harm was done during this short interaction. The soldier fan agreed and even asked the idol to not delete their photo, saying that he wants to “make everyone jealous.”

SHOU: Don’t be too harsh on the two of us [him and his girlfriend], we were just going to grab breakfast.

Fan: I’ve downloaded it. If you don’t mind, it’s fine to keep this photo up to make everyone jealous. Thank you so much.

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Source: Threads

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