Japanese Rockstar Goes Viral For Removing His Nipples To Play Guitar Better

He is becoming well-known for his extreme body modifications.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Rocker MiA, best known as the guitarist of the Japanese rock band Mejibray, recently shocked netizens after revealing his unusual body modifications on social media.

MiA | @mia_0917_/Instagram

Though Mejibray is on a hiatus, the 32-year-old guitarist continues to enjoy a successful career through his collaborations with popular rock acts, including HYDE, GACKT, and Toshl.

Last month, the guitarist posted a picture of himself with his nipples covered with bandaids on Instagram. In the caption, he revealed that he had his nipples removed surgically, adding that he always believed men didn’t need them.

He elaborated his reason on Twitter later, saying that while performing, he would often experience friction on his chest, which interrupted his concentration. To become “the best guitarist,” MiA decided to get rid of his nipples once and for all.

| @mia_0917_/Instagram

As shocking as it might be, this isn’t the first time MiA has done a drastic body modification. The musician revealed earlier his year that he got a microchip implanted between his thumb and his index finger to relieve the pressure in the area while he is playing guitar. He is also interested in planting microchips in other parts of his body.

| @mia_0917_/Instagram

Last week, MiA posted another shocking update on his Instagram, revealing that he had surgically removed some of his bones to embed in his guitar. He also mentioned that he will continue to “fix” more of his body parts in the future, much to the concern of his fans.

| @mia_0917_/Instagram

However, while his extreme body modifications have been unsettling for fans, most of the comments under his posts are optimistic about supporting him while he does what makes him happy. What do you think?