MIRROR’s Anson Lo and Jer Attend Press Conference for Upcoming Hong Kong Drama “Million Dollar Family”

The drama will bring you tons of laughter!

On December 1, 2022, Hong Kong boy group MIRROR members Anson Lo and Jer attended a press conference for their upcoming drama Million Dollar Family.

Jer (left) and Anson Lo (right) | Koreaboo

Million Dollar Family is a comedy drama depicting the story of a group of strangers signing up to live under the same roof, with a prize of a million dollars for each of them should they make it through six months.

Cast of “Million Dollar Family” | ViuTV

Anson Lo plays one of the lead roles in the drama. He described his character at the press conference.

My character is one of the game participants. He likes money but doesn’t have goals or a direction in life, so this game is very appealing to him.

– Anson Lo

Anson Lo | Koreaboo

Jer shared that his character moves into the house later and likes to exaggerate, but withheld many details for the audience to discover while watching the drama.

Jer | Koreaboo

The cast of Million Dollar Family was initially supposed to be the same as the cast for Hong Kong’s version of the hit Japanese BL drama Ossan’s Love, but changes were made due to a delay in filming.

Cast of “Ossan’s Love” | ViuTV

In particular, fellow MIRROR member Edan, who had a lead role in Ossan’s Love, did not take part in Million Dollar Family due to his busy schedule.

Edan (left) and Anson Lo (Right) in “Ossan’s Love” | ViuTV

When asked if they missed Edan, Anson Lo said, “We miss Edan every day, not only during filming.” However, Jer immediately chimed in and joked, “Actually…that’s not the case,” drawing laughter from everyone as the three members are well-known to be good buddies.

Anson Lo (left) and Jer (right) guest starring in Edan’s (middle) MV | @edanlui

Million Dollar Family consists of 15 episodes and will air on local TV station ViuTV starting Monday, December 5.

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