The Place In Japan Where You Can Confirm You’re A “Beautiful Woman”

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There is a specific place in Japan that is dedicated to beautiful women.

Located in  the town of Ashikaga in the Tochigi Prefecture, a Shinto shrine called Honjo Ikutsushimajinja claims to be the one and only shrine in Japan where you can obtain a beautiful woman certificate.

According to Sora News 24 reporter Masanuki Sunakoma, Ashikaga has a reputation for being a town with stunning locals. Visitors are even greeted with a sign welcoming them to the “Land of Beautiful Women.”

Its reputation stems from its supposedly clean and pure water that gives them a healthy glow. It is not too surprising, therefore, that there would be an establishment related to this.

In order to obtain the “Beautiful Woman Certificate,” one just needs to pass by the shrine office and inquire about it. There are no judges or standards to meet in order to be given one.

In fact, even guys can get their own certificate!

After paying 500 yen (around $5.4 USD), a goshuin (seal stamp given at Shinto shrines) along with the certificate proclaiming one a beautiful woman are given.

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy rather than an indication that someone has a pleasant appearance. Moreover, it is said that “the beauty it imparts upon the bearer isn’t physical beauty, but rather the beauty of a kind and gentle heart.”

Source: Sora News 24