Taiwanese Actor Spotted Selling Chicken At A Local Wet Market

No, he wasn’t acting.

A Taiwanese actor made headlines after fans found out about his side job.

Kris Shen | @krisshen/Instagram

Kris Shen is a 32-year old actor who is known for his roles in the dramas Spider Lilies (2007) and Memory Love (2017). He has played a mix of supporting and main roles since his debut in 2003.

| @krisshen/Instagram

Though not the most famous actor in the local entertainment industry, he still has a loyal group of fans such as his 38,000 Instagram followers. This is why it came as a shock to many when photos of him working at a wet market were dropped.

| @krisshen/Instagram

He was spotted manning the raw chicken stall by himself, cutting them into parts and marinading them. It was a stark contrast to the glitz and glamour that he experiences while acting.

| @krisshen/Instagram

On January 8, the actor took to Instagram to share the backstory of this surprising find. He revealed that he runs the stall with his girlfriend, Bella, in order to earn extra cash. He also has other sources of income such as a restaurant and aesthetic clinic, but his interest in the wet market business was piqued after his friends told him that they earn NT $80,000 – NT$120,000 (around $2,550 USD – $3,800 USD) from their stalls.

Kris Shen’s chicken business has been open for over three months and he earns around NT $20,000 ($640 USD) per month. He does not mind the public perceiving him as someone struggling financially, saying that he is used to working hard to earn a living.

I was never born rich. If I was, I wouldn’t have to enter showbiz at the age of 10.

 Kris Shen

krisshen_418047711_2695454647272732_3692462719799006223_n (1)
| @krisshen/Instagram

Kris’ last acting credit was the main role of Li Yuan Zhi in the 2022 drama Rally for Love.

| @krisshen/Instagram
Source: 8 Days

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