Meet “Thailand’s Most Beautiful Transgender Woman” Who Spent $570,000 USD On Her Wedding Dress

Rich and gorgeous!

The woman dubbed Thailand’s “Most Beautiful Transgender Woman” spared no expense for her wedding.

Poyd | @poydtreechada/Instagram

Meet Treechada “Poyd” Petcharat, a beauty queen and actress who is best known for being crowned the winner of two transgender beauty pageants in 2004: Miss Tiffany’s and Miss International Queen. She transitioned from male to female 20 years ago when she was 17 years old.

Following her beauty pageant stints, she moved on to modelling and acting. She starred in the Chinese 2014 crime action film The White Storm as well as the 2016 romantic comedy Insomnia Lover.

She and her now-husband, Oak Hongyok, announced their engagement last February. Hongyok is a descendant of Tan Jin Nguan, a Chinese immigrant who was pivotal in beginning Phuket’s tin mining industry.

Poyd and husband Oak | @poydtreechada/Instagram

Poyd paid homage to their shared Thai-Chinese ancestry with her wedding dress. She wore a traditional Peranakan ensemble which mimicked the style of clothing worn by Chinese immigrants. It came with a gold hua kuan (flower crown) made by artisans from the Ranong province.

| @poydtreechada/Instagram

Her outfit was reportedly worth an astounding $570,000 USD.

| @poydtreechada/Instagram

The couple’s wedding was held at the Hongyok’s Phuket family resort last March. Only close family and friends were invited.

| @poydtreechada/Instagram

Poyd and Oak have known each other for 20 years as the latter is the brother of Poyd’s best friend.

| @poydtreechada/Instagram
Source: 8 Days

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