CRAVITY Spills On Their Heartwarming Relationship With The Members Of MONSTA X

MONSTA X are literally the best seniors anyone could ask for!

When CRAVITY debuted in 2020, they quickly gained fame for their amazing performances, dazzling visuals, and charming charisma after training under Starship Entertainment. Alongside their charms, the group has gained attention for their relationship with senior idol MONSTA X.

In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, the members of CRAVITY shared just how close they are with MONSTA X and how supportive the group is.

The members of CRAVITY | @cravity_twt/Twitter

There is no denying that MONSTA X has always gained praise for being truly supportive of their junior artists, no matter which company they are from.

It wasn’t surprising that when CRAVITY debuted under Starship Entertainment in 2020, MONSTA X was ready to be their number one supporter.

The members of CRAVITY with MONSTA X’s Kihyun and I.M | @kr_now/Twitter

During the interview, member Taeyoung couldn’t stop praising the members of MONSTA X, sharing that not only are they the group’s role models but added that they have been able to learn from their senior group’s experiences.

MONSTA X are role models. We have learned from them, including from their stage experience and special skills.

— Taeyoung

| starshipTV/YouTube 

Although it is possible to learn from other idols without interacting with them, Taeyoung revealed that the relationship between CRAVITY and MONSTA X is more personal.

All the members of MONSTA X take care of us and support the group as a whole. I look up to them.

— Taeyoung

Joohoney treating CRAVITY after debuting

The hierarchy within K-Pop and the relationship between senior and junior idols are usually quite strict. Yet, it has definitely changed recently and MONSTA X is one of the groups out to break these boundaries by making CRAVITY feel relaxed around them.

MONSTA X appearing in a VLIVE and making sure they’ve eaten
Minhyuk learning a TikTok challenge with Taeyoung | CRAVITY/YouTube   

Yet, aside from MONSTA X having fun spoiling the members and treating them, the group has also been vital when it comes to giving CRAVITY advice.

Wonjin shared that the members also give them advice when it comes to their performances and they do it in a way that is going to help the group the most.

The MONSTA X members tend to be very direct and they don’t try to sugarcoat anything. And I feel like it helps more.

— Wonjin

CRAVITY’s Minhee performing with MONSTA X’s Kihyun | Mnet 

Even though MONSTA X might be blunt when it comes to their advice, they are also very reassuring, especially when things might not always go to plan. In particular, their more relaxed side comes out and aims to support the members, not tear them down.

And they’re usually really chill about things like, “Bah, it’s all right, don’t worry about it!” [which is comforting].

— Wonjin

CRAVITY on “Idol Radio” with Joohoney and Hyungwon | Universe

As expected, MONSTA X prove to be the best seniors possible. Whether it’s ensuring that CRAVITY are healthy and eating or giving them advice after years of experience, it showcases MONSTA X’s true personalities and how much they care for younger idols.

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