On The Rise: MCND Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Memories, Inspirations, And Goals For The Future

Here’s to the long-awaited release of this all-rounder boy group’s brand new album!

Back in April 2022, MCND became the first K-Pop group to embark on a post-pandemic tour of Europe, with sold-out shows throughout seven cities in six countries—including the Netherlands, UK, Hungary, Germany, France, and Switzerland. And, after delivering passionate and energy-packed live performances to global fans, MCND members have made their return to Korea with [THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION Chapter. 2].


In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, MCND revealed behind-the-scenes memories, inspirations, future goals, and more to celebrate the long-awaited release of the new album and their reunion with GEMs worldwide!

Congratulations on the comeback! What are some of your greatest memories from putting this comeback together?


WIN: It rained a lot on the day of the music video shoot. I had actually worried about the weather. The rain made it a bit more challenging to shoot. But we ended up loving the rainy vibe and having a lot of fun!

Congratulations on your successful tour in Europe in April 2022 as well. How do you feel? Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories from the concerts?

MINJAE: It was our first time in Europe and, honestly, I’m going to remember the sound of GEMs screaming for us forever. We also got to perform in a random play dance in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. We visited as a surprise, but we were the ones surprised in return because everyone welcomed us and did our choreographies with us. I was so very happy. It was an unforgettable moment.


It couldn’t have been easy debuting in the COVID-19 pandemic era. Looking back, what are some of the biggest challenges you faced?

CASTLE J: I’m sure it was trying times for not only us but all groups who debuted during the pandemic. In particular, I was most disappointed in the fact that I couldn’t see the fans in person. But I knew that some day I’ll get to meet everyone. I just tried to focus on practicing hard each day while waiting for things to get better. And now, I’m super excited and nervous at the same time to finally see the fans!

What are your goals for the rest of 2022 and the future?


BIC: My biggest goal, and one I want to achieve the most, is to promote harder so more people get to know MCND better. I hope a lot of people will listen to our songs. Also, I would like to win first place on a music show.

Who and/or what are your inspirations and/or role models?

CASTLE J: Ever since I was a little boy, I grew up dreaming of becoming an idol, inspired by sunbae-nims like BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and BLOCK B’s Zico. In the future, if I ever get a chance, I would love to work with them. That being said, I also would love all opportunities to work on collaborations with my fellow K-Pop idol groups.


If given the chance, are there any programs that you’d like to appear on? What would you like for GEMs to see from these programs?

HUIJUN: There are so many entertainment programs that I like. But since I like being active, I’d like to go on Knowing Bros and Running Man with all of my teammates. On Knowing Bros, I want to promote our songs. On Running Man, I’d love to play their fun games with other sunbae-nims.

What are some of your greatest strengths? What are some things you would like to improve?


CASTLE J: I think my strength is… I think it’s the ability to produce!

BIC: My strength is that I can pull off really energetic performances.

MINJAE: I think my strength is my ability to own the stage, haha!

HUIJUN: With MCND being an all-rounder group, I think my strength is my versatility.

WIN: What we’d like to do better is write and compose our own songs. We want to develop our abilities to make music. Right now, CASTLE J is in charge of producing most of them. But we look forward to learning more and, eventually, we’d like to be able to help him make MCND’s music!

A message for GEMs reading this interview:

MCND: GEMs, you are our strength. You’re the reason we always practice and perform. You give us support. And we hope that we can be the same kind of encouragement and support to you, too. So please, stay healthy and be happy!


MCND members are ready to become the leading performers in K-Pop. Wherever GEMs are, they’ll go—with well-prepared shows and passionate live performances! Interested? Catch them live on their next tour: [1ST] MCND AMERICA TOUR 2022!

You can listen to MCND’s latest summer bop here.