What’s Next For ONEUS? Here Are The Members’ Plans For The Future

The sky is the limit for the group!

RBW Entertainment group ONEUS has achieved so much since debuting in 2019 with their track “Valkyrie.” Unsurprisingly, only three years into their careers, the group has their eyes set on bigger things. In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, ONEUS share their hopes for the future!

Members of ONEUS | @official_ONEUS/Twitter

Although the members debuted in 2019 and have toured across the world, Ravn reveals he wants to see more TOMOONs from different countries and continue providing music for fans. It will be extremely exciting for those in places like Europe, where the members have yet to tour by themselves.

Going forward, I want to—and I plan to— attend more year-end award ceremonies and celebrate more first place wins [on music shows] with TOMOONs. Also, if I may, I would like to go on more world tours.

— Ravn

ONEUS on tour in America | ONEUS/YouTube 

Like Ravn, member Keonhee also has dreams to perform to even more TOMOONs. Also, after getting their first win last year with “LUNA,” he also hopes that there are more music show wins on the card.

Members of ONEUS after their first win for “LUNA” | @official_ONEUS/Twitter

I would like to perform on bigger stages for more TOMOONs. When we got our first win, our fans loved it so much. I would like to gift them with more [wins] in the future.

— Keonhee

More important than wins and tours and awards, most of the ONEUS members replied with the same goals for the future, and that is that they continue growing and improving both as a group and individually.

For Seoho, who had a long route to debuting, including going on Produce 101 and Mixnine, it doesn’t mean the work stops now they’ve tasted success.

My goal for the future is to ‘keep growing and showcase those improvements.’ This is easy to say but hard to achieve. So I’ll be working toward this goal for the rest of my life.

— Seoho

Seoho when he was on “Produce 101”

Like Seoho, the two youngest members Hwanwoong and Xion also believe that the future of ONEUS lies in their growth as a group and idols.

Xion (left) and Hwanwoong (right) | @official_ONEUS/Twitter

Hwanwoong: I’ll keep working hard so that I can continue to put on good performances for TOMOONS for a long time. Personally speaking, I want to become a strong artist so I’m going to have to work on myself, too.

Xion: My goal is to keep growing and moving forward. I don’t think there is a limit to how much I can achieve, so—as ONEUS—I’m going to keep working hard toward the future.

Even though growing as ONEUS is important, member Leedo emphasized that his goals for the future are more than just to do with the K-Pop industry, but will always include ToMoons.

I want to be happy and healthy. And I want to be with ONEUS members and TOMOONs for a long, long time.

— Leedo

ONEUS’s Leedo with the group’s lightstick | @official_ONEUS/Twitter

Only three years into their debut, ONEUS has already achieved so much and gained love from fans worldwide. Youngest member Xion rightly explained, I don’t think there is a limit to how much I can achieve,” and it couldn’t be more true. As the members continue to grow, the sky is the limit to what the group will accomplish.