ONEUS Reveal How They Really Felt After Finally Getting Their First Music Show Win With “LUNA”

It was an emotional moment for both ONEUS and their fans!

ONEUS first debuted back in 2019, and since then, they’ve achieved so much from winning awards, traveling the world, and wowing netizens with their amazing music. In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, ONEUS revealed their feelings about finally getting their first music show win!

Members of ONEUS | @official_ONEUS/Twitter

For every idol, one of the biggest achievements is getting a win on a music show, where the results combine sales, streaming, and fan votes. Although the group has constantly wowed with their performances, netizens were shocked that it wasn’t until November 17, 2021, when ONEUS finally got their first win with their amazing track “LUNA.”

ONEUS “LUNA” music video | ONEUS/YouTube

Unsurprisingly, it was both an emotional day for the members and ToMoons worldwide.

For all of ONEUS, it was a dream come true. Oldest member Ravn emphasizes that the win didn’t come from the group alone but also TOMOONs. It meant that throughout their speech, the members couldn’t stop thanking their fans.

When we got our first win, I felt like I was dreaming. I’ve been saying this all along, but that first win didn’t come from the members alone. It came from Team ONEUS and TOMOONs all together. So, once again, thank you so much.

— Ravn

ONEUS after their first win | @official_ONEUS/Twitter

After so long in the K-Pop industry, including appearing on the reality show Produce 101, it wasn’t surprising that the group’s win was an extremely emotional moment for member Keonhee.

It made me extremely happy because it felt like I was finally returning the love and support I’d been receiving. It felt like a dream. And all of the work that I’d been putting in felt validated and appreciated.

— Keonhee

| ALL THE K-POP/ YouTube

Considering the emotions seen on stage during their encore stage, it isn’t surprising that Seoho and Xion revealed that they couldn’t even remember the feelings on stage as it happened so quickly.

Seoho: I don’t even remember how I felt because my legs were giving out and I don’t think I even had a chance to feel anything.

XionI know we gave a brief speech on stage, but I actually don’t remember anything I said. I cried so much, which is embarrassing… so I have not been able to re-watch the clip of our win, haha.

| ALL THE K-POP/ YouTube 

If the emotions were raw on stage, it was the same feeling when the members got to the waiting room and were greeted by their staff. For Hwanwoong, it was only when the show ended that he fully realized what had happened.

I think I was speechless. In fact, I was so caught off guard that I didn’t even cry. Only after the show ended did it sink in and I realized I had so many people to thank [for the win].

— Hwanwoong

ONEUS after the win | ONEUS/YouTube

For both ONEUS and TOMOONs, it was a hugely emotional moment. Yet, even though they finally achieved their first win, that isn’t their job done and the members of ONEUS rightly have a lot of plans and dreams for the future.

You can watch the music video for “LUNA” below.