TikTokers On The Rise: Which WEi Member Is The Unofficially Official Blooper King?

“It took almost an hour to film his TikTok challenge!” 😂

What’s inseparable from K-Pop idols who seek connection with their fans? Social media. While the classics like Instagram and Twitter have been around for a while, TikTok is now a huge part of the K-Pop world—especially for fourth-generation idols. And the talented members of OUI Entertainment‘s WEi are working hard on stage and on camera to make their marks as the leading rookies!

WEi | OUI Entertainment

In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, WEi’s Seokhwa revealed all the details about the team’s TikTok memories and struggles!


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For Seokhwa, and his teammates too, there’s inspiration everywhere: The group is constantly motivated to make creative content for RUi to see. Coming up with the videos isn’t difficult for them either, according to Seokhwa. Though random, “ideas come” to WEi.

Seokhwa | OUI Entertainment

I’m the kind who can make content out of the blue. I’m working on one even this moment! Usually, ideas come to me randomly. And the members also often ask me to film them, too.

— Seokhwa

Through TikTok, Seokhwa ended up acquiring a new skill: Lightning speed memorization! As the “OG GG Stan” member, dubbed by RUi, Seokhwa is now a master at picking up choreographies in no time.


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I’m in charge of covering girl group performances in WEi. Since I do all the TikTok challenges, now I memorize dances really fast!

— Seokhwa

Meanwhile, Seokhwa playfully called out Yongha for being WEi’s unofficial official “Blooper King,” claiming Yongha “causes the most bloopers.”

It seems, though Yongha takes long, that he does end up looking impeccable in the final versions!


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It took almost an hour to film his TikTok challenge!

— Seokhwa

Seokhwa also pointed out Daehyeon and Junseo “struggle” with keeping up with the ever-changing TikTok trends. But on the other hand, Junseo is a master communicator for RUi on other platforms—so it all balances out!

Junseo | OUI Entertainment

With clips ranging from “Aww!” cute to “Ahh!” hot, WEi’s TikTok @wei__official is one diamond of an account. Be sure to follow for even more content!


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