10+ ARMY Noonas Tweeting About Their Love For BTS Is The Wholesome Content You Need In Your Life Today

#6 is too pure for this world — it’s never too late to be anything you want to be.

Contrary to popular belief, the fandom of BTS isn’t limited to “12 year-old girls”.

In fact, the ARMY community is so diverse that it’s actually composed of millions of ARMYs in several nations, speaking several languages and spanning different ages!

In today’s post, let’s talk about BTS’s love for their noona ARMYs. After all, Suga believes that no matter what your age is, you’ll always be a noona to him, right?

His hyung Jin also believes in this concept, so it should be true, right?

Here are 10+ tweets of ARMY noonas who are proud to have joined the BTS fandom. Can you relate with any of them?

1. Being an ARMY can change your life for the better

You know BTS is a huge part of your life when you feel like their presence has made you appreciate life more.

2. Proud to be ARMY forever

This is the only #relationshipgoal you should aspire to have — a relationship between BTS and ARMY.

3. Stop generalizing fans…

…and start accepting diversity.

4. She’s someone who’s never been a fan of any group before

And yet she chose BTS to stan — don’t you think she made the right choice?

5. BTS is the gift that never stops giving

6. Who says only teenagers can like rap music?

It’s so adorable how noona wanted to go to their concert after listening to their music.

7. Dreams of being an ARMY

This is one of those dreams that don’t necessarily need a deadline.

8. Say it to her face

If BTS doesn’t have any problems with having “older” fans, who are you to judge?

9. BTS’s music is for everyone who’s willing to listen

Their messages are well-loved and universal to everyone, regardless of age and nationality.

10. BTS isn’t just a band or a group…

…BTS is a precious part of your life.

11. Her username says it all

12. Every year of life lived = victory

13. This grandma doesn’t give a hoot

The older you get, the less hoots you can afford to give. #YOLO

14. She may be Jungkook’s oldest noona yet

And she’s also one of the cutest!

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