10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS Suga’s “D-Day” Announcement So You Don’t Have To Process The News Alone

We’re all in this together.

On April 2, KST, BTS‘s label BIGHIT MUSIC announced that Suga will be releasing a new album, D-Day , on April 21. This album will be the last installment of his Agust D trilogy, following his previous two mixtapes.

The announcement left ARMYs heaving for air, given that it has been only a little while since Jimin released his album and Suga’s world tour was announced. Plus, BIGHIT also put out a notice saying Suga will be holding virtual and physical fan sign events . So, how did they handle this overwhelming news? Through humor, of course.

Here are 10+ funniest ARMY reactions to Suga’s D-Day announcement to help you digest the fast-paced purple world:

1. Starting off with the classic BTS-style sneak attack.

2. Time is an illusion at this point.

3. It’s a full-time job at this point.

4. All men do is LIE.

5. Can we please make this collab happen?

6. With great promotions comes drunk accountability.

7. Hey Google, how to shut up when D-Day is upon us?

8. They always do, don’t they?

9. He really said strong power thank you.


11. And when he starts his award speeches with “I wanna thank myself,”…?

12. Godspeed, purple troopers.

13. It’s destined to be a hit, your honor.


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