10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Suga’s Adorable Laugh To Make You Feel Soft And Weak In The Knees

How could #10 say something so true, and yet so controversial?

When you look at BTS‘s Suga, your first impression of him may be “too quiet”.

You may even think of him as “cold” because he’s one of the group’s most talented rappers — and he oozes “swag” every time her performs.

And if you’ve watched some BTS videos already, you may see Suga as the “Savage King” who’s not afraid of speaking his truth and calling out people.

After all, he did call out Bang Si Hyuk who’s the co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment and also technically, their boss, back in the early years of their debut.

But did you know that Suga isn’t just limited to being “intimidating”?

The truth is, he’s such an adorable, kindhearted soul who’s not afraid to show off his gummy smile and twinkling eyes whenever he’s experiencing joy.

Perhaps this is why millions of ARMYs get soft whenever they see him laugh?

Check out these 10+ tweets from ARMYs who feel “devastated” and “attacked” (in a good way) whenever Suga, or Yoongi, his real name, laughs.

1. It’s a timeless work of art

2. Shy Suga is cute Suga

3. His laughter is already enough, but add in his gummy smile and all ARMYs get soft

4. This is a clip you didn’t know you needed in your life

5. Suga has a trademark laugh

6. It’s the happy, nostalgic kind of sigh

7. Prove it, Suga, release a mix-tape of just you laughing wonderfully into the mic

8. Can this be frozen in time?

9. It’s always best to laugh with your best friend, after all

10. Proof that Suga is a cute baby

11. Please keep on laughing

12. This ARMY is devastated, but in a good way

13. Who needs therapy when you can play his laughter on loop?

As an ARMY, you’d love to do anything just to make Suga smile, wouldn’t you? You can start off by checking out the top ten things that make him incredibly happy — click on the next article below for more details!

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